• Autumn 2015-9

Our family always looks forward to Autumn in Southern Utah. We've lived in St. George since the early 90's and we've just about scoured every road and scenic byway in this area.

  • Autumn 2015-2

I'd say the Fall color probably will peak in about a week in the higher elevations but yesterday Brian Head which is about a 10,000' elevation was pretty amazing.

  • Autumn 2015-3

The humidity was only about 12% yesterday so the intense blue sky really enhanced the beauty of the colorful foilage.

  • Autumn 2015-8

The drive over from Brian Head to Mammoth Creek down Hwy 143 never disappoints.

  • Autumn 2015-6

There is a little crick down in the meadow on the south side of the highway that has some great photo ops!

  • Autumn 2015-5
  • Autumn 2015-7
  • Autumn 2015-4

Brian Head has a new zip line which made for a fun little first time ride for our son. Can you see him holding on for dear life ;) Two rides cost $13 and it's a good way to get your feet wet if you've never zip lined before. He enjoyed it!