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East Zion beyond the mile long tunnel you can frequently find herds of Big Horn Sheep grazing on the foilage next to the road. 

Last weekend we were driving through Zion Park to head on out to Mount Carmel Junction for an Art Show and we came upon these magnificent Big Horn Sheep. It was exciting to see so many of them all in one area.

Everyone was slowing down to take pictures and we came very close. The wild animals had little fear of us getting so close to snap a few shots.

We've all seen the movies of people who get  out of their cars to take pictures of seemingly tame animals but then are stunned as the animals turn and plow after them. And so I've learned my lesson from the experience of others and take my pictures from the safety of my car!

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Not sure if this is a young male or a female because of the smaller size of the horns but he/she was sure pretty; and the setting of one of the most beautiful parks in this country amplified the experience!

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Apparently this is the rut season and the sheep are more aggressive and active.

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East Zion is worth checking out for the Big Horn Sheep - they are usually close to "Checker Board Mesa".