Breathtaking Slot Canyons - Entrance To The Secret Canyon


"Secret Canyon" Slot Canyon Tour

  • 5-16-28

We had to drive down to Phoenix over the weekend and to break up the long trek home, we stopped in Page, Arizona to hike the Secret Canyon by Hummer Adventures which came highly recommended from our guests from Germany.

We had hiked Lower Antelope Canyon two summers ago and it was one of the hiking highlights of my life. Prior to that hike, I had heard that such places in this area existed hidden in plain site in the crevices of the navajo sandstone. But actually hiking and experiencing one of these magical wonders is something everyone should put on their bucket list of things to do.

  • 5-16-3

The tour to the Secret Canyon is approximately three hours; 30 minute ride in a Hummer to the slot canyon.

  • 5-16-18

And 1-2 hours to tour the slot canyon.

  • 5-16-7

And then another 30-45 mins to ride back in the Hummer over slick rock and sand dunes.

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Our guide was super knowledgable about the geology of the area explaining to us how slot canyons are formed over thousands of years.

  • 5-16-22

As well as pointing out the native plants and animals.

These slot canyons are located in Page, Arizona and are approximately a 2 1/2 hour drive from Lava Falls At Entrada Vacation Rentals. You'd definitely want to allocate a full day for driving out there and tour this slot canyon. I don't think you'll be disappointed!