Desert Blooms - Incredible Beauty


The beauty in St. George at springtime is pretty amazing to say the least. The wild flowers and cacti blossoms along with the red rocks, lava rocks and intense blue sky gives the nick name 'Color Country' even more meaning.

Spring Time In St. George

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This picture was taken in front of 'The Reserve' housing development by the Snow Canyon Parkway round-about.

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Inside Snow Canyon State Park beautiful wildflowers.

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Cute, little guy, is a desert tortoise minding his own business in Snow Canyon State Park. *Look but don't touch as they are endangered and protected.

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Cactus blooming inside of Snow Canyon State Park.

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You can see these prickly guys all over the place.

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Pretty, yellow wildflowers in Snow Canyon State Park

Be sure to bring your camera with you. You won't be disappointed!!